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Xeomin/Botox works by inhibiting the ability of the nerve to tell the muscle to contract. It takes about three to six days for botox to take effect. Botox/Xeomin are not fillers, so it doesn't make lines go away immediately (especially if they are deep). It takes some time for the skin to turn over and have lines diminish. With deeper lines it usually takes two to four treatments before you really notice lines getting softer or going away. Botox lasts on an average for 3 to4 months so you should do about three treatments a year for the first year and after that you may be able to go to two treatments depending on how long it lasts for you and how deep your lines are. 


If the lines are really deep, using a filler in them like Belotero or Juvederm to soften them immediately and then continue treatment with botox. Call today to schedule your consultation (253)-891-2160 to see which treatment is appropriate for you.

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